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Allow viewers to only export, but not copy

I do not want my file to be copied. I just want the file that I share to export that can then also be exported.

I need more options.

If I create a export the is possible.

What would be the point of disabling copying in this case? Someone could export individual assets as SVG and paste them into a new file if they wanted.

Thanks for your message :hugs:

If the other person can copy the file. They have the file and I don’t want that. I just want her to be able to export the images.

But what’s the use-case for this? Usually this restriction is used as a safety feature so others can’t steal your work easily, but allowing them to export things will make it super easy to do that. So if it’s not a safety feature, what is it for?

We as a designer cooperate with external developers. We do not want these developers to be able to save or export the whole file. Only what they need. Because we have spent a lot of time to create the file.

A lot of these sorts of requirements are very much edge cases. I can see the reverse being a problem forever getting slacked by the developer because I forgot to put an export on X. The easy fix is to just create a file with just the exports in it.

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There’s a degree to which this, or similar requests, might be read more as trying to make dev hand over easier, more straightforward.

At the moment a dev is somewhat left to their own devices in working out which elements to export — it may not be obvious to them that X icon needs to be exported by selecting Y parent container, that subtly adds extra padding, handles baseline shift/text alignment etc etc.

Sure, manually adding red-lines and instructions can help, but in a fast-moving, small team that’s not always feasible, or kept up-to-date.

So, some means of ‘filtering’ for devs, to see just those elements with Export settings could be useful.

Part of this puzzle might be helped if I could set export properties on Components once, and have that value passed through to all instances thereof – would anyone agree with that approach?

Exactly it would be great what you can share.