Error is occuring when opening a file

When I try opening file in my team project, nearly every time response is “An error occurred while opening the editor”

Sometimes, very rarely, I can open it and work, but when I close it, I can’t return to it.

How I can fix this?


For technical issues please reach out to Figma support team via or the support request form.

I’m receiving the same error message. Very frustrating. Emailed the support address.

hi guys, I’ve facing the same problem , error message “An error occurred while opening the editor” while opening file too.

to solve this, try to duplicate the file, then reopen again the file (original file or the duplicate ones) okay…
and that should work, now you can open your original file again.

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Hi. The solution is very simple. Just remove the cookies!


the same problem. Where to remove cookies if I use the Mac application? I tried close file, then close app, them open app, then open file again - that’s helped for me

In the app, you can delete cookies through DevTools. Launch DevTools (Opt + Cmd + i), open the “Application” tab, select the “Storage” section. Uncheck or check the checkboxes and click the “Clear site data” button.


How to delete the cookies of figma?In win10 system


in win10 system

Figma Could not open file, showing error!
what should i do???

Yes, work… thank you.