Encapsulate widget with fragment gives an error

When trying to encapsulate my widget with a fragment node, the error ‘attempting to create fragment node’ keeps showing up. I don’t see what i’m doing wrong. Anyone that can help?

      <Rectangle width={10} height={10} />
          <path fill="#ffffff" d="${vertices.map(({ x, y }, key) => {
          ... }"/>
      `} />
      < Input
        onTextEditEnd={({ characters }) => {
          loadFonts().then(() => {
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Any solution in meantime ?

@Robbe_Keters, @mrkimedo, could you show more function code or explain where you are trying to return a Fragment?

Well I am trying to achieve simple thing, I want to have multiple Ellipses and have only one shown in specific time, by that I mean to set hidden property based on some condition. And now the problem is that I need to have Fragment so I could return multiple components without the need of parent component like AutoLayout.

I assumed that you are returning a Fragment without having a parent component. Only this way I was able to get this error.

I don’t know if this is a bug in the Figma engine or something else, but you can try contacting support by sending them all the necessary information.

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Will do surly, thanks on fast answer

just a little update on problem that we were facing


Awesome, thanks for the update. I eventually just encapsulated everything with a frame and made the width and height dynamic by checking it’s contents, which was a huge pain for something simple.

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