Enable Assets search only for enabled libraries

I’m managing multiple design libraries as we move through new app versions, so I can iterate through each update but still keep old components linked to old design libraries. However, asset search which is the primary method we use to quickly grab the components we need is becoming pretty much useless because it’s showing results from libraries that are toggled off or “archived” internally.

It would be amazing if Figma could provide us options to search only libraries we have enabled, and show us which library our components search results belong to.

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Shocked that Figma hasn’t spotted this “All libraries by default” issue themselves - please, please prioritise this!! (seriously) Our UX/Design team wasted hours trying to figure out this misperceived “bug” in our Design System, it directly undermines the architecture of any multiple-design-systems setup. I’m a big Figma fan/advocate, but if another tool arrived that could match Figma and solved for this issue then I’d bounce the org over to that tool. It’s not the expected behaviour (from a user lens) and usually Figma never drop the ball like that.

Adding myself to the discussion that this feature is needed and I hope they don’t hide this feature behind some plans. It’s already frustrating enough you can’t do a library analytics unless you use Organization Plan (the most expensive).

Both features should be given and not blocked by some paywall. Keeping tracking of changes in the library is hard enough.

If developers can keep track of files changed, deleted, and added for free using Git, why shouldn’t designers be able to for free?

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Same from our perspective. We are working in an agency model where we’re handling multiple libraries for multiple clients at once. Not being able to filter out the results ofter results in placing components that should simply not go into a specific file.

We have the same problem and just found out that there are a lot of assets from different libraries because our colleagues didn’t know that they were using other assets than the ones from our own library. This is a major problem, especially for bigger teams like ours!!