Duplicate Text Styles/Color Styles folder

If there is an option to duplicate the Text Styles / Color Styles folder then it makes it easy when creating design systems. Attached is a screenshot of the idea.


I’m needing this exact thing so much right now. It would help a ton.


Would be great to duplicate and create a master style.

This would be a maaaaajor time saver.

This would be amazingly helpful

it is the most essential thing!

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This would be a great feature. In the mean time, here you have a work around:

  1. Put all the styles you want to copy into a folder and then cut those from your file.
  2. Undo the cut, so you don’t lose the original styles.
  3. Go to a new file and paste them.
  4. Create a text layer and apply any of the pasted styles, so Figma allows you to rename the wrapping folders.
  5. Rename the wrapping folder and any other folders you want to duplicate.
  6. Cut them again and paste them in the original file.
  7. Rearrange and delete wrapping folder, if required.

Hope that was helpful. Take care! :blush:


Thank you so much for this tip! Saved me much time.

is there any plugin for renaming the layers based on color palette naming?

I use the tip from @Adrian25 and the Batch Styler Plugin to quickly rename or change the styles:

This is not

i mean
if there is a plugin available that can automatically rename layers based on their corresponding color palette names?

Beware of that workaround if you already have published styles. It has broken a lot of my applied styles in other files (swapping them for the duplicate)

Even better if we have styles/design tokens code editor.

There is a workaround that actually works:
1- Cut the styles you want duplicate
2- Undo so you have your styles back (now the styles and folder structure are copied to your clipboard)
3- Paste the copied styles into a new Figma file then save the file
4- Close both files
5- Open both files again
6- Now you can edit the styles in the new file then cut and paste them into the original file
7- DONE!

Absolutely need this feature.