Option to copy styles, not just cut them

Hello, I think it would be a great idea to have the option to copy the color styles, fonts, etc. that are created. Currently the user can only cut them, so if I need to copy these styles to another project I have to cut them and press ctrl + z to go back, this is a bad thing for me because the files that have these styles applied, I need to reapply ! So it would be great if Figma had the option to copy styles and not just cut!

Hi Lara, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Styles!

In Figma, we have Library! A library that lets you reuse components, styles, and variables across your design files. Anyone on a paid plan can publish a library. Anyone on any plan can access published libraries.
You can learn more details ‌here: Guide to libraries in Figma

Hope it helps! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!


Exactly what i was just searching for too! Why only cut, and no copy? Setting up a shared library is too much (or not even a possibility), if you only want to use some of the styles in another project.

In my use case, i’d copy my basic font structure (headers, labels, body variants etc.) to a new project and edit them to match the new style instead of creating them manually. And since it’s still mostly concepting, i have no intentions of “properly” setting up the document just yet - just fast and dirty would be enough :smile:

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Hello, I know the library option, but I believe that for a specific case where I just want to get some color styles, the copy option is totally adequate, the library is important for publishing component patterns, but having to publish only to use 2 or 3 colors that are there, for example, becomes unnecessary, apart from the fact that I would need the paid plan to publish, for the common user and learner of Figma, having to pay for the plan just for that is not viable. Still, it would be great to have the simple alternative of copying the styles, I would really like you to evaluate this, it’s something simple and I believe it will benefit a lot of people!

I completely agree with you, it is unnecessary to publish a library just to get some styles, as this is part of the paid plan, limiting the free user.

Thanks for your thought! Your input is greatly appreciated! I will bring this up with our internal team and we’ll consider it for future improvements.

There is one specific scenario where this is VERY needed. I am a UX and UI director at an agency. We have new projects come and go all the time. When work on our clients products they have specific color, texts, shaped, shadows and more. So what we do is that we have a file that has our components and styles, we duplicate it and work over that file changing the styles and the look of the components. For example changing the colors to the new brand, or changing an input to look like the client usually uses. This is HARD to navigate and control in Figma. So a better way to handle these style would be great.