Dev mode pricing

What is happening here Figma :pensive: ?

Our design and engineering teams are deeply disappointed with this pricing decision. I am not sure what researcher or analyst convinced the executive team that 0 developers paying $25 a seat would generate more revenue than 30 developers paying $5-10 dollars a seat. If you read through these posts or just speak with your diverse set of customers you will see that many ( maybe not all ) of our organizations have a team of developers that just want to inspect properties, and usually only a few times a month. This will never justify the price point you landed on.

As I am sure you know in most software organizations developers outnumber design staff by a minimum of 5 to 1. I assume this is partially the motivation to some of the changes, tapping into an adjacent market where you are already embedded in the org. However, the issue is that at this rate, our developers will not only not use the offering, they will begin to propose new software solutions and eventually the design team will have to follow along.

We really are trying to look at this objectively and understand you have a fiduciary responsibility to grow the business, but you would have been much better off starting at a feature appropriate price point > gaining more interests from development teams > creating more developer centric features > and then raising the per seat costs once the developer feature set and use case matched the price point.

We are huge fans of Figma Design and FigJam as products and generally have been big supporters of the entire Figma organization. As a design team we still are, but this decision has soured much of our development team and key decision makers in the org. It is never too late for you to make an adjustment here. Perhaps you can offer the basic inspection ( tokens, measurement, etc…) for $5 or better yet, win organizations over to dev-mode for $10 and see where it goes. We believe it is in both your best interests and ours to not hold on to this decision too tightly and make a change here.