⚠️ Dev-mode seat issue on Org plan 🚧

If you’ve enabled the developer mode seat, granting view access to the respective email ID should allow users to access the code format in Figma. However, even if you have a full seat enabled in view mode, the code snippet in developer mode remains invisible, posing a problem,

Check below screen shots fore reference:

Yameen :eyeglasses: has full seat yet cannot see Code in dev mode

The User has View access and also have Full seat

Permission is provided to user

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Hey @Shrivathsan_G_R, apologies for the delayed response! I’m not sure I follow. The user has a Full seat but they cannot access Dev Mode to access the code? Is that what you’re experiencing?

Users who have a full Design seat or a Dev Mode seat should have access to Dev Mode. Please let me know if you’re still experiencing the issue, I can get you connected to our support team.

Hey @Gayani_S ,
Yes, The User has full seat , yet on view mode they are unable to inspect code,

I’d like to express my gratitude to Alex Falase-Koya and the Figma support team for assisting me in making the code property visible. Although this setting may be obscure, it can be resolved by explicitly calling out this permission. It’s noteworthy that this permission enables the code view, despite the dropdown indicating “Allow viewers to copy, share, and export from this file” without explicitly mentioning inspecting code. It would be beneficial to include a message regarding this permission setting rather than keeping it hidden.

Hey @Shrivathsan_G_R, thanks for updating me on this! I checked out your support ticket and I’ve learned something new as well here!

Thank you,