Deleting local variable collection leaves variables as selectable

When you delete a local variable collection, those collections are still available to select to apply to a layer. When the collection is deleted, those variables in the original collection should not be available when you’re selecting to apply to a layer.

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When I quit Figma and reopened the file. The used variables disappeared.


Hi @Milliorn_Keleigh ,
Thanks for flagging this. It sounds odd, I can’t replicate either.
Can you reach out to the team directly so they can try to replicate it:
Please use your Figma account email, include a quick screen recording of what you see on your end, the link of your file, and share it with invited directly as an editor (this won’t affect your billing at all).

I have the same issue… have anyone found a solution for this?

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Hi @Hector_Calaza , I can’t replicate on my end. Feel free to reach out to our support team so they can investigate further here:

I can repro as well

I have the same issue…Try to reopened but not work

Hi everyone, I have the same issue. :confused: even closing everything, once published there is no way back :confused: any solution to this? thanks

Same is happening here. any solution?

Bumping this up so the topic won’t close.

May be similar to this one around Modes and Variables still showing up even after a collection is deleted. I found a work around here: 🚨 Variables: Deleted collections and modes don't disappear - #18 by Nate_G

I face the same problem :confused:
I removed/detached all variables, use every command and solution suggested in this whole forum or elsewhere.
I even copied the library components into a new document, one component after the other. Eventually even detached the cleared components before copying into the new document. Still the ghost variable collection show up.

linked to this thread: , workaround and follow up by Jacob Miller

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