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Customizable shortcuts

Hello there,

First of all, amazing product, I love it, very handy and intuitive !
I think that the possibility of customizing the editor shortcuts would be a cool feature.

For example, I’d like to be able to use ‘w’ for the hand tool and ‘x’ for the move tool

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I’d like to be able to use the function keys (F1 to F12) as custom shortcuts in Figma app for MacOS.

Figma does not allow function keys to be used for custom shortcuts. Typically this is possible in any app in Mac OS.

In screenshot below I’m able to define F1 to be used for ZOOM IN in Figma in the Mac OS Preferences Shortcuts options but nothing happens when the key is set to this value inside Figma app.Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 14.58.53

You can modify this in MacOS Shortcuts per app. Personally I use control 3-6 for Send to Back, Send backwards, Bring forward and Bring to Front.

Thanks for your answer. Does the MacOS Shortcuts apply on the navigator version of Figma ?

Even in the desk app, those shortcuts doesn’t work (only bring forward works):

I think alot of these MacOS Keyboard Shortcut don’t work because they’re not in Figma’s topbar menu, eg “Select Parent” isn’t there with the other select functions in the menu so it doesn’t work in the MacOS shortcut tool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s possible to go into the terminal and use hidutil and remap the keyboard keys, but that’s a pretty annoying process.

David, the shortcuts modifier in MacOS distinguishes between modifier keys and the rest of the keyboard. You typically can’t use a combination of only modifier keys as a shortcut ( Control, Command, Option and Shift). You need to combine a modifier key with another key like ‘Control+1’ or ‘Command+u’. Also be aware that MacOS and Figma is already using a lot of the available shortcuts, so try to test what you want to use first, to make sure that combination does not already perform an action in Figma or MacOS. Good luck :slight_smile: p.s. I’m not sure what you mean by navigator version, but if you mean Figma in browser, no, I believe the shortcuts won’t work there.

Hi Harald, I’m not using only modifier keys in my combinations (I have “^” and “$” that are not modifiers). And I use these shorcuts in XD and Sketch, it works well. So may be it’s already taken by Figma but nothing happen when I use these shortcuts. Anyway, again these shortcut issues are very annoying.

PS: Yes I was talking about the browser version sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, I don’t know which keyboard you’re on, but for me MacOS will equate ‘^’ with the keyboard key Control. In your image, you have one shortcut that goes ‘^-⌘-^’, I believe MacOS interprets this as ‘Control-Command-Control’. There are also some combinations that Figma won’t accept like for example simply ‘F1’, which is why I started writing in this thread. My advice is to try out and experiment, you don’t need to have them identical to the typical Adobe layout. Even Adobe programs are inconsistent with the hotkey layout between themselves. Personally I prefer Control+3 to 6 for these 4 commands.

oh ok. Thanks for this explanation. I didn’t realise “^” was interpreted as Control :’( :’(. I’m using french keyboard.

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