Creating a connection to a nested frame

Hey there,

I’m having trouble creating a connection between two elements in my Figma project.

I have a textbox within a frame (frame A). When that textbox is clicked I want it to connect to a frame (frame C) that is nested within another frame (frame B).

Unfortunately, when I try to set up the connection, Figma only gives me the option to connect the textbox in frame A to frame B and not to frame C.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to connect frame A to frame C.

I think you can only connect frames that are in the same level in the same frame. So no connection to nested frames possible - would be great though!

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Hey Kyle

I think the question I would ask here is the outcome you’re trying to achieve vs the issue you’re specifically having with your connections in child frames.

When you say you are trying to connect textbox in frame A to textbox in frame C, is this to transition the page, change the state of the textbox in frame A, or something else?

It would be that there is an alternative solution which can be used :slight_smile:


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@Sahila_El_Carrouchi1 - Thank you so much for your reply! I hope that isn’t the case.

@MattyH - I’m trying to mimic what a navigation menu on a web page would do. When the user clicks on the ‘Activities’ text in the ‘Navicon Onclick’ frame (frame A), they are instantly directed to the ‘Activities’ frame (frame C) nested in the ‘MacBook Pro 14"’ frame (frame B).

I’ve attached a photo for reference. The bottom arrow is pointing to the text that when clicked I want to navigate to the frame referenced by the top arrow.

@Kyle_Marler Gotcha!

Essentially the feature that you would need is to be able to chain interactions together. It would look something like:

  1. From frame 1 > Click on burger menu. This would be set to “On click” > “Navigate to” > “Menu frame”
  2. From menu frame > Click on “Activities”. This would be set to “On click” > “Navigate to” > “Frame 1” && “Scroll to” > “Activities frame”.

As we can’t do this, for now I think you would need some sort of workaround until we have the ability to chain interactions together.

If it’s purely for demonstrative purposes, you could create a secondary version of your home page purely to show this one interaction working. This is how I would set it up:

This works because you can navigate from one frame to another, and then on the scroll interaction screen have a time delayed “scroll to” waiting to take the user down the page as expected.

Let me know how you get on!

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Dude, thanks for all of your efforts! I’m really impressed you went through all of that trouble to help me. Your method will work!

The only downside is I’ll have to manifest six different versions of the home page to correspond to each link in the nav menu, but at least I’ve got something that will work.


No probs Kyle!

Hopefully as they release more and more advanced features it’ll stop things like this duplication from needing to happen :crossed_fingers:t3:

We had to do something similar in studio recently and essentially combined lots of components to make up a page that then needed to be duplicated - this should hopefully stop you from needing to make edits 6 times :blush:

@MattyH Wow! Great job!

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