Create 1 mobile screen design for 1 resolution, and see prototype in different resolution screens of different devices (without design difference)

Is there any possibility to design mobile app screens for 1 resolution, for example, (iPhone 13 pro max [428 width]) and then use prototype mode to see those designs in different resolutions, for example, iPhone 8 [375 width]

But the design should fit any screen resolution without giving white spacing to right, left bottom, or upwards.

Need some good and valuable responses on it.

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Understood, thanks. but how can I make some style guides for developers so that they can develop the same design for smaller and larger screens?

Or they have to do it manually. Is there any possibility to use auto layout and constraints to show while on the canvas ?


You need to design for each breakpoint. It doesn’t matter if you use Auto Layout or frames with constraints.

For example, you can create Mobile, Tablet, Desktop pages in your file, where you will demonstrate layout behavior for each device/breakpoint.