Copying link to a section - only works with right-click menu, not Cmd+L?

I found CMD + L the shortcut to be not working when the selected object is a section; when you select a section then press CMD + L, Figma shows “Page link copied to clipboard”, and the link copied actually leads to the page that the section is in. Instead, to get the actual link that leads to the section, you have to select the section, right click, then choose “copy link”, then Figma will show “Link copied to clipboard”, and this link actually opens a Figma webpage with the selected section in focus automatically when opened.
Could we please get CMD + L to work in the same way as right-click then copy link in this scenario, please?

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Good idea! I was thinking the same thing - an easy keyboard shortcut to copy a link to a section.

And CMD + L just makes sense, since it works for Frames that way.

  1. Select a frame or a section.
  2. Press CMD + L.

Result: if you selected a frame, the link takes you to that frame when clicked (current functionality). If you selected a section, the link takes you to that section when clicked (new functionality).

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