Copy and Paste Text from Word

Command(ctrl)+Shift+V in a text field works.
But generic Command(ctrl)+V pastes an image.

Sometimes you have to paste it twice (first as image, then in text field), but it works…

Hope that helps

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That same issue also appears when you try to copy from Illustrator. Hope @figma could answer here…

Agreed. This is annoying and ads time to what should be a simple task.

This is awful, especially becuase the work around Ctrl Shift V
doesn’t work unless you have already ctrl V an image version of the content you are trying to paste in.

@Figma is there another work around? or something we are missing here? because this is an incredibly inconvenient issue

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Hey all, this should now be fixed!


When copying and pasting text from Microsoft Word, the text is placed in Figma as an image, and not live text. It would be great to have this be live text so I can paste text from my copywriter in my designs rather than manually typing everything out.

This has been fixed, just need to be sure you paste in a text box.

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When I paste a paragraph into a text box, it is pasting as ONE single line. How do I get the text to wrap? The “auto width”, “auto height”, “fixed size” options don’t help make this adjustment.

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I think you could solve this by drawing a text box and then pasting text in.

That is what I’m doing, is creating a text box and pasting the text inside of it. Instead of filling the constraints within the box, it pasts as one line on top of itself, so it’s creating a mess of illegible words.

Yeah but it had worked before It shouldn’t have regressed. Same for window overlap they changed the behavior without even asking that sucks.

I’m pasting text from external sources into Figma components hundreds of times per session. Every single time I have to reset the Text style and the Fill which is a HUGE productivity killer to me. Despite of being careful with not overriding Text styles and Fills, I always find some overridden text fields that of course then don’t update every time I make updates in the text style.

I don’t even think anyone would ever want to keep the formatting when pasting into any text field from outside Figma and I have doubts anyone would want it inside Figma.

I certainly don’t want to install another plugin, nor run an extra mile every time I want to paste. Please make CMD+V an unstyled paste by default.