Component within Component Animation Not Working

Still an issue

Figma team, please fix this soon. This is a significant bug and it’s been going on a long time. New to Figma and trying to get a handle on things… at least I’m glad to know it isn’t me! Thanks.

So it’s driving me crazy. Icons that are components inside other components do not work properly (not changing the color on hover).

Randomly sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Tried dozen of things… no results.

Hey, any updates on that issue?

@dvaliao – Any updates on this issue or work arounds? I’m still having this issue 6 months on…

Same here… I have a component that has a Mouse Enter animation, and this component has a nested one that has a On Click animation that does NOT work.
Would be great if this issue could be resolved.

I am having the same issue :neutral_face:

Have the same issue. Even created a post regarding this same subject.

Do we have any fix? I’m having trouble with that. Does anyone find a clue?

Same here. Is there any workaround that doesn’t involve breaking the component?

when will this be fixed? I’m still having this issue more than a year later.

Hi, @dvaliao, @Figma_Support. Do you have any updates on this? I am facing the same issue, and it has been happening for more than a year.


Also facing this issue…

Hello, still facing the issue. Any news on that?

Hi, facing the same issue. Any updates on this yet?