Component Properties & Variants Bug

I don’t believe there is going to be a fix :wink: This even does not seem like a problem, it is a trade-off between complexity and flexibility we got. The solution seems logical, especially if we consider how many different variations we could make, I am afraid there is no silver bullet. And, in my view, it perfectly ralates to “…layers of nested instances and variants referencing other nested instances of variants…” I admit it is a complex one, at the same time Figma managed to get somewhat a good balance anyway.

Hi, I’ve been following this thread and while I don’t fully comprehend what’s been going on with variants and overrides, I also experience weird behaviors that I believe are related (and fairly new, linked to the May update).

I have a set of two components for two chips. Text overrides carry fine from one to the other with Instance swap. But when I create a Parent component (Variant) that uses the two components, text overrides are not preserved when switching from one to the other using the properties.

If I combine my original chips into a single Variant, everything works fine. I believe that wasn’t the case before, it was possible to use either components or variants and have text overrides carry (usually the ones that always work).

See here for a demo file.

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@Antoine, rename the nested badge instance so that the names match in all variants.

Oh wow, thanks, did not think of that!

It worked like a charm

My team does something very similar. We basically have a vector mask layer used to apply the color, then we nest the changeable icon at the bottom of the layer stack. Before component properties, my designers would have to dig into the layers select the icon then replace it. Now that we have component properties this can be done in the properties panel and we use the selected color for the icon color.

Using this method we use Color Icon for all components or anytime we may need to preserve an icon color in any of our designs.

It was fixed before, but now it has the same problem.