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Can't switch back from Comment to the Move tool using shortcuts

If you click on the comment’s text

It’s such a waste of time when you are doing updates comment by comment, I lose reference of where the comment was while moving the cursor all the way to the top left.

Not sure if this is intended or a bug.

How are you doing that? You have two ways: either press Esc or the move tool shortcut which is V. Does it work when switching from other tools?

  • click on the comments tool
  • open a comment
  • click on the comment’s text
  • shortcuts stop work, esc, v, nothing. I have to use the mouse to click on the move tool to exit the comment

edit: of course shortcuts work perfectly on any other situation

Hey @Cesar_Varela , I have the same issue on comments and scale tool. Try doing “Escape”, and/or “Spacebar” then hit “v” again. It does the trick for me most of the time.

Nope doesn’t work if you click on the comment’s text, like for example when you want to copy it. This happens on both Windows and macOS.

If you don’t click inside the comment everything works as expected.

True. I just realized that it requires a click outside the box at a minimum… very annoying.

I’m having the same issue. I’m finding the commenting experience a bit kludgy at the moment, from that issue, to even just selecting and moving the comment pins around - there’s a bit of a lag for me that makes it feel sluggish.

Also, coming from Invision I’m used to using the same “c” key to toggle the comments on/off, so that trips me up a bit (yes I know the “v” key is next to the “c” key, but old habits die hard).

Esc as shortcut for back to default “Move” tool doesn’t work after editing comment (or clicking on comments text).

You need to remove the invisible focus state (by click in any place of comment card) to start Esc working again.

It looks a bug, it’s annoying.

The same: