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Can't access top of screen in presentation mode

With one of the latest Figma releases the top navigation overlaps the presentation screen. As the navigation is fixed top to the viewport, users can’t access navigation hotspots.

What I am looking for is to be able to share with team or clients a UX wireframe in presentation mode so they can access all hotspots on the screen - at anytime.

Any ideas?

You can hide the UI in the prototype options (dropdown on the top right). If you share the link after that, the UI will be hidden for viewers as well.

Thanks @Gleb - makes sense. Though once I share the prototype with the UI hidden viewers can’t bring the UI back therefore they can’t comment on it.

So I am left with 2 options if I am correct:
a. I share the prototype with the UI top navbar overlapping the main navigation and viewers can comment but not browse; or
b. I can share the prototype with viewers with the UI hidden but they can’t comment

Do you believe a resolution to this could be brought forward as a valuable UX improvement to the tool?


The toolbar can be shown with Cmd/Ctrl + \ — this tooltip is shown at the bottom of the screen when opening a prototype with hidden UI. That can definitely be improved though. I think the simplest improvement would be to make the toolbar not overflow the content (this doesn’t make much sense anyway).