Can I close a menu when clicking on link to new page?

Hi, I’m very new to Figma so trying to wrap my brain around prototyping functionality (I’m used to Sketch and Invision). I have an account menu that opens when you click on it to reveal a list of links. I’ve set the links in the master element to go to the correct pages in the prototype so that I only have to do it once and not on every page. The problem is that when I link back to the page I came from, the menu is still open. If I add a separate action to close the menu on mouse down or mouse up then the link no longer works. Is there a way to have a default state of an element every time you visit a page so that menus like this always start closed? Thank you for any support you can offer.

After further investigation and discovering overlays I managed to get it working. It removed the ability to control the animation in of the menu, but the links are all functioning as expected now.

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