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Can a file be edited by an account from another team without charging the owner team?

I’m in an agency and I work with a lot of clients.

Each time I’ve tried to onboard a client in the figma process, the edit account of my client is added to my bill… I want them to manage their own accounts while keeping the file property till the end of the job.
Do I miss the right way to share ???


Editors are billed on the file/account level. So if you invite someone to a file you own as an editor they will be billed on your account. If they own a different file and add you as an editor, then they will be billed for that editor seat.

Hopefully that makes sense.
This article might be helpful as well:

I understand the answer, but that’s not how the agencies world works.
Would you like me to ask a client to pay me an account for the work I’m going to produce for them???
I don’t pay for the tools my carpenter will use, it’s his investment.

Also, many clients are won by call of tenders, so my production started before we even talked about money?

I know that I can transfer the ownership but it isn’t acceptable to ask a client to pay for my account. As it is not acceptable to pay for the employees of my clients…

To my mind, a figma’s pro account must be allowed to edit a file belonging to another figma’s pro account. Both are paying figma, it’s just a matter of sharing permissions.


Does the client need to have edit access? If not then you could be the owner of the file, adding them as viewers, and then transferring ownership once the project is done.

It’s also possible to create a new free starter team which is limited to 2 editors. This would allow you to work with the client in a separate space with them as an editor for free. (as long as you don’t need more than two editors)

this model makes things so difficult!
sure, there might be hacks around it, but it just makes no sense.
each user can get billed multiple times because they collaborate with different teams?
it makes no sense for agencies or freelancers.
if i am a freelancer and i want to work with different colleagues on different projects, i have to pay a seat for each of them?!
on top of the seat that they already pay?!


I am also questioning this model. Paying editor in one team should be able to edit file that is shared from another team, without double-charging. When I buy for instance Adobe Illustrator and I send .ai file to someone who also bought adobe illustrator, the will be able to edit the file.


Just figured that out too and can confirm it’s a real pain as a freelancer to need to pay for their editor seat because they want to make copy change themselves for example. Something could be improved on that matter.


Even trying to run a team with multiple designers is a mess. You start trying to give them rights to edit their one small piece of a rather large pie and you end up getting billed the same amount you would for having them do the whole thing. This business model is a mess.

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The Figma member, permission, and billing logic is driving us crazy…

As an agency, we always have to provide edit rights of a file to the client and our partners but not only viewing. In the workflow, we sometimes would like to invite external members to help contribute to some part of the task.

Sharing edit right of a file = getting billed
Does it make sense?

And on the client’s side, the same problem happens to them. They want to OWN a file and share editing with us. But they face that similar problem as well.

Figma’s current model is not facilitating co-working across teams and organizations at all.

Please consider how it works in Google Docs and Adobe XD.

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Hey Guys,
A design studio here, and we are facing the same challenge!
We’ve sort of come to a solution, which is the same as @Josh suggested above.
We create a project in a starter team, where we invite the client to edit this “shared file”. Obviously, this is not the file where we work as a team in the studio. We have a source of truth file in our “Figma Team” where we use the team libraries and others features. And we go back and forth with those two files.
We hope this would help :raised_hands:t4:

I understand but… meeeeeeehhhh… :cold_sweat:

This business model is very strange… Having to pay for my client’s access to a project that I own doesn’t make sense. If both parties have professional accounts, they should be able to access each other’s files without extra charge. This forces me to only give view access to clients, which is not ideal.

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