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Bulk insert image not working as expected

I am trying to prepare App Store screenshots for iPad. I grabbed one of the following iPad frames from this library: 887305488325104522

Then I removed the existing image and left its Fill property set to Image. Now I copied this object multiple times to prepare multiple screenshots and then when I tried to do bulk insert image, the images placeholders are not recognized and the images are just normally pasted.

I was able to do the same with screenshots for iPhone and the bulk image insert worked beautifully. For some strange reason, when I go directly to that frame with the Fill property set to image, and manually click “Choose image”, the image is placed correctly. I would prefer not to have to do it manually for every screenshot & language combination.

Any help appreciated.


So the problem was that I was trying to bulk insert images into frame backgrounds. I used shapes with image as a background instead and it worked!

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