Bug: Problem with typing in Korean (Hangul)

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    I got a few reports that text function works weirdly when typing Korean these days. (the video below was taken a week ago, and I still have the same issue)
    it gets better after rebooting Figma completely, but it is not the best solution.

Korean people are having the same issue these days, hereโ€™s a reference from Korean community;

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Is there any way I can solve this problem as a user? Or is Figma team already working on this bug? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, Josh! Could you check this issue?
Iโ€™m also suffering this problem and it makes harder to use figma :frowning:


We just pushed a fix related to the Font Agent for Figma. You may need to restart your computer though to get the latest. Not 100% sure if this is related but worth trying first.


Thanks for the fast action! I donโ€™t have the issue anymore, but since the bug happened intermittently, I will keep my eyes on it a little longer. :+1:


Hello, I am still facing the same problem on Figma. It makes me feel tired since I have to write a bunch of Korean letters everyday. Hope this problem will be solved soon!


Hello. I have the same problem. Itโ€™s so annoying. Thank you for mentioning it! :slight_smile:

Same problem :disappointed_relieved:

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Yes Im also having the same issue(error).
Due to this problem, I waste too much of my time whenever I work.๐Ÿฅฒ

I have the same problem

Please Fix it :confused:

Same problem

When using Korean fonts, there are times when consonants and vowels are separated or two letters are written! Itโ€™s very uncomfortable. Itโ€™s probably a problem that all Korean users experience:(
When can these problems be improved?

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When typing in Hangul, the letter breaks into each alphabets (second line).
I think there is a bug in Font Agent for Figma. It is critical for users whoโ€™re using Korean. Waiting your quick responses.

+ Iโ€™m currently using MacOS Big Sur, Latest version of Figma.


I found that it had occured and fixed before.
You can check it at this link below:


+ OK, this is just the Desktop app problem not the web.

Still have a this problem. Check plz.

Still have a this problem too :thinking: check plz/

Having a same problem here too :frowning: