Bug: box size of layers miscalculated until clicking them

The alignment and size of layers (mostly text layers it seems) is miscalculated until I (ctrl+) click on them. Not doing anything else other than clicking and then that triggers some calculation which corrects the dimensions. See the .gif attached

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Current status:


I will report back when if I see the issue again. Thanks for the tip :smiley:

I also faced the issue and though Regenerate all instances (slow) my issue got resolved Thanks @tank666

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I’ve encountered a similar problem with my button text in one of my files. I’ve never used “Regenerate all instances”. What does it exactly do? Will it change any of the copy in my button instances across the file?

Hey there,

Regenerate all instances just refreshes content. It shouldn’t make any changes to your copy by running it.

Thank you. I’ll try it out. I’ve been seeing this misalignment across multiple files since early December. I hope it works

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I’ve found this quite a few times, not ideal when showing to clients. Is there a fix in for doing this automatically yet?