Branch conflicts from a different file

Hi, I’m running into weird (but possibly normal) things in my branches conflict review. Here’s the setup:

  • I have a “Foundations” file with my styles
  • I have a “Components” file using the styles from “Foundations” to create components
  • I have created a branch, let’s call it Branch A, from “Components”

Now, when reviewing conflicts after a while in my Branch A, Figma shows conflicts that concern styles from my “Foundations” file. Both my “Components” file and Branch A are up to date in terms of shared libraries.

I don’t understand how a branch review between my main file and Branch A can display conflicts related to a third file that only provides styles. I would understand it (even though it’s confusing) if both files had different states regarding shared libraries updates, but that’s not the case.

Do you know how these conflicts are created? Mostly there are “fake” conflicts, nothing changes when reviewing (see below):