AutoLayout Not Resizing Correctly

Autolayout with hug content on width or height should resize to zero (or whatever the applied padding is) when all content is hidden. Now when all contents are hidden it remains as the dimensions of the last visible item it had. Anyone have a workaround or know if there is a way to avoid this bug?

Is your last item not set to “fixed” height? make sure is also “hug”

I am also experiencing this. The container with auto layout has its height set to “Hug contents” with no vertical spacing, and no vertical padding, and child element heights are also “Hug contents”.

However, the issue seems to be from what occurs when you hide layers because their height automatically changes to “Fixed”. BUT even just deleting the layers at once still leaves the container at its previous height despite still being set to “Hug contents”.

Something’s up with this.