Animating components

Hi Figma team,

I wanted to provide some feedback regarding the animation feature in Figma.
It would be really useful if we had the option to specify the number of frames for an animation. Currently, when animating a component, Figma adds frames automatically, which sometimes results in an animation that is not as smooth or as intended.

For example, I was trying to animate a like button with a background image that changes its position over 1 second to create an animating effect. However, due to Figma’s default frame count, the animation doesn’t achieve the desired effect as there are more frames added than I need.

It would be great if Figma could allow users to set the number of frames for an animation, so we can have more control over the timing and achieve the desired animation effect.

Thank you for considering this feedback.


Hi @Sahil_Shingate,
Thank you for your feedback!
Do not also forget to vote for your feature request, so we can accurately gauge interest from the community! :arrow_up:

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