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Allow for guest collaborators

This would be really helpful to be open to guest collaborators. We are on a professional plan and have tried to use Figma for brainstorming sessions or workshops that involve outside collaborators - these collaborators only need access to one file for a limited amount of time, and currently with both FigJam and Figma it’s not possible to do so without adding another editor. We’ve had great feedback from those that we have done sessions with and we would love to have some possibility of adding guest passes for outside collaborators that allow them to view and edit a file, without needing to add them as an editor and allow them to access other project files and such.


Yeah Miro allows this and it’s perfect. No login’s or anything so it’s extremely easy to collaborate with clients. Figjam needs this if we want to do internal or client workshops


Yes please! This is indeed the biggest barrier for switching our team from Miro/Mural to FigJam.


I find this to be a real issue with Miro, in that a free guest collaborator is anonymous unless the use the paid option for the day.

And we dont want to play for lots of clients who essentially use the system for 2 hours.

Ideally a guest could log in to a workshop for example without a sign up and just have the ability to add a custom name to their avatar.


I was discussing this with our team today. A couple of weeks ago we had a retrospective with the teams. 20 people participated, from those only four were designers with a paid Miro account. The other 16 could participate and interact with our Miro board without paying anything.

To be honest, as of now, this is the only thing blocking us as well.


+1 to many of the same use cases above. We use Miro for workshops with clients, often including people who may only be engaged for that workshop (i.e. they won’t be reviewing design work later) and I don’t want to start that interaction with yet another account registration. If I could have them dropped straight into a FigJam board with edit capabilities, ideally w/ ability to set their name, that would make this an easy switch.

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Guest access is absolutely essential for replacing existing whiteboarding tools!

It would be great if you could share a link with edit access to clients without the need for them to sign-up to Figma. This will allow you to run design workshops with a large number of stakeholders without each of them needing to sign up. They just click the link, join and start participating in the workshop. Similar to Miro’s sharing functionality. This functionality would be game-changing allow us to gather feedback through workshops in Figma and then designing the solutions all in the same app.


Yep, seconding this. Figjam is pretty much useless if you can’t have anonymous editors in a file like Miro

Agreeing with this!

Also note - Miro recently updated their guest access to allow for guests to customize their avatar names, so they no longer have to be anonymous. This combined with the ability to set a board password makes for a very smooth session experience.


Thank you for starting this conversation. I’d love to create a clearer definition of “guest”.

Internal guest = someone within your company who doesn’t use Figma very often.
External guest = a client or a vendor - someone who doesn’t work for your organization.

Which of these use guest types would be most helpful to solve for?


FigJam could be an amazing tool to lead white boarding sessions with external research participants, but we would want to allow them to have limited, edit access to 1-2 files, and no ability to explore any other files in a project or team. Similarly, for licensing concerns, this access could expire after X days.

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For us we have both. Internal guests who don’t use Figma directly for any of their own project work, but are directly impacted by what we do. We would like to them to join us in brainstorming, workshopping, as well as review mockups and prototypes and such.

Our company is heavily client focussed and involve them in our ideation phases and so we’d also like them to be able to use FigJam with us to do workshops and reviews etc.

We see great value in both use cases - currently our company uses Miro for most external workshops and we often want to pull assets from our workshopping to Figma, but the flow of doing so is big barrier and slows our process down quite considerably. If we could have external and internal guests to work with us in FigJam, we’d really be able to streamline and improve our internal processes and move more of our work to Figma/Figjam. I think this is also beginning to touch on another feature request: connecting figjam + figma. Hope that helps!


+1 to everyone’s comments above. Being able to share with outside collaborators who have edit capabilities is imperative for research!

Also, it’s important they don’t need to create an account. They should just be able to join. Account = blocker

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For this use case, do you need to know who they are once they’re in the file? (eg: name their avatar) Is it okay for these guest collaborators to appear anonymous?

For me, it’s unimportant to know who they are as long as they have a unique identifier* because I will be having a dialog with them while they’re in the space.

  • Mural labels anon collaborators as “anonymous crabs” and other crustaceans :laughing:

Generally it is better if they have a name. Although I have worked with quite a few anonymous users in Miro and it’s not a huge issue but it’s certainly nice to have. As the above commenter said, a unique identifier is key.

Awesome idea, please add this to figma & figjam

For us, having account-less external guests are the priority. We can usually get internal folks setup with an account if needed and they are more likely to use it >1 time. Knowing who they are isn’t essential — we don’t know in Miro, and result to some “put your initials here” workarounds — but would be an advantage.

Also, having this for educational workshops would be awesome. Right now I’m using Miro with students so they don’t have to create an account for a few exercises. But if we could have it working in FigJam, I’d make the switch without thinking twice :slight_smile: