Add Variant Dropdown in Prototype Tab

I’m bing-bonging back and forth between the Design Tab and the Prototype Tab to set up interactions on a Component’s Variants.

  1. Click the Design Tab
  2. Change the Variant I want to edit
  3. Click the Prototype tab
  4. Edit the interactions
  5. Click the Design Tab if I have another variant to edit.

That’s 4 Clicks back and forth for each Variant I need to update. Once complete, I still have to reset the Variant to the one I want to display, which I have forgotten on occasion.

I have two suggestions to solve this problem:

  1. Add the Variant selection dropdown to the Prototype Tab.
  2. Allow Users to set a Variant as the Default.
    When the prototype runs, it automatically sets itself to that Variant every time. So you will never find that one component that you forgot.

At minimum, the dropdown should be there, and I shouldn’t have to click back and forth.

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