Add scroll interaction when clip content is selected

Hi, I’d need to add an interaction inside a variant, so that a hiden frame appears when I scroll out or in, of the clip content an element (frame…), Something like:

I as a designer want to set interactions when scrolling elements when clip content is selected.

Scrolling options:

  1. Scrolling in clip content (top)
  2. Scrolling out of clip content (bottom)
  3. Scrolling in clip content (bottom)
  4. (Could be nice too, with left and right scrolling)

Acceptance Criteria 1: When select clip content I want to have eneabled scroll in the interaction menu.
AC 2: I would like to select type of interaction, when scrolling
AC 3: Select type of scroll (as described previously)
AC 4: When Clip content is not selected I can see Scroll interaction dissable.

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