Add "option+click" shortcuts for design panel

  1. In a new auto layout UI, you can set a negative spacing value, which is great.

Previously, if I wanted to quickly set spacing to 0, I would simply drag the value with the mouse to the left. Now, it is impossible, since mouse drag will pass the zero and go into “negative something”.

It would be great to be able to set any value back to 0 (or default value) by “option” clicking on the input icon.

  1. Same logic can be applied to dropdown selectors. It would be a great time saver if I will be able to switch between “hug” and “fill” with a single “option” click, rather than opening dropdown each time (single click for “packed”/“space between” may be also great).

  2. it may be also beneficial to pair “nudge amount” with sliding values. so you would be actually able to drag the padding to 24 pixels, instead of 27 or 21

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