Add auto layout to Sections

It seems like this feature is probably the most wanted feature right now lol - just came here to add my support to the community, auto layout on sections would be huge!


This would definitely be a great addition to the sections feature. We really need this asap, would change completely how I use sections and upgrade my work flow. :slight_smile:

I loove the idea so much. The only thing i would be afraid is maybe performance.

+1 to this suggestion! :pray:

Designers on my team are avoiding using sections and the “ready for dev” button because this feature doesn’t exist. As a developer, this is challenging. Please? :pleading_face: :pray:

Hi Figma, this is becoming a MUST HAVE from a time saving perspective. I give up too many touches to Sections to drive the cleanliness within sections and between them that is needed to provide coherent specs for my dev team. I want to be able to easily control a Section’s padding and margins between frames. The use of sections within large projects has become deeply intertwined with our process. We keep big efforts to a single page to reduce miscommunication and team members not being able to find specs without pinging design. With so many sections accruing in a single page, we now have to use color coding on Sections for various internal statuses, which would be a nice to have someday as a sub-feature of sections above and beyond Ready For Dev. But the biggest loss of efficiency is simply in keeping pages clean and easy to scan. Sections require too much effort to make nice, yet making them nice is something our team deems critical because our team needs clarity even when things are rough and rapid. And it becomes a cycle, because our team moves very rapidly, I end up over-investing in Section cleanliness at the expense of my valuable time. Time spent manually working with sections is time I can’t spend solving business problems with design. Please consider elevating this topic into a very near-future release. Thank you.

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I’m absolutely SHOCKED that Sections do not support Auto-layout! Please, for the love of Figma, fix this as soon as possible!!


This feature is really needed

+1 Absolutely needed

+1 plz add! I use sections every day and am constantly having to manually format my spacing

Heads up everyone on this thread–Figma FIXED the issue in a short-term suitable way. While sections don’t have auto layout yet, adjusting the width or height of a section now triggers a snapping affordance when the section’s adjusted edge matches another edge’s distance from a child object inside the section. Now, all I need to do is get one edge of a section to my preferred distance from child objects and the other 3 sides can be quickly resized to snap to that same distance. While it’s not Auto-layout, which would still be nice as this would be even more hands off AND let me bulk update sections at once, it’s a much appreciated improvement that does save time. Thanks Figma!

The snapping feature is not enough. It’s now 2024. Come on Figma, this isn’t good enough. Section are completely useless if they can’t be organised and auto-resize to fit the inner content. Designers like to work in organised ways.

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I discovered a solution! Follow these steps to apply Auto Layout to Sections:

  1. Right-click on the Section and click Convert to frame
  2. Add Auto Layout to the Frame and apply your desired values
  3. Right-click on the Frame and click Copy properties
  4. Right-click on the Frame and click Convert to section
  5. Right-click on the Section and click Paste properties
  6. Do a happy dance :man_dancing:t2:

You will have to redo the process to modify the Auto Layout values, but it should do as a workaround until Figma intentionally adds this functionality.


Work like a charm! Thank you!

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Thank you so much for this

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+1 Yes please!

I use sections to organize my components (buttons, colors, cards, inputs etc. …)
I would like to be able to organize all these sections with Auto Layout.
For example, I currently have about 20 sections. Sometimes I need to expand, enlarge, or move individual sections to a different position

I hope I have described my wish clearly :wink:

Cheers ^M^

:+1: Manually resizing sections is too cumbersome. Considering their purpose is to help organize stuff on the canvas, it is almost surprising that autolayout has not been implemented from the start. We need this.

Hope to see a anouncement at Config