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Add a mindmap feature :)

Hey! It would be really nice to have a mindmap feature.


Not what i meant. I mean something like this:


Oh, I misread the title. You can already create mindmaps in FigJam, like in this example:

You can also use shapes and press Cmd/Ctrl + Enter while editing to automatically create the next shape and the connection. It is not distributed automatically but still can be useful.


Nowadays we use Miro and Whimsical on my design team.

Miro kindoff do almost everything we need, but his mindmap are just terible.
You could do some features like his, Wireframe, mindmap, voting, etc…

ps: Mindmaping on Whimsical is just amazing, please consider make some like that

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im trying to use the jamboard but im heavily missing the feature of quickly and easily creating tree structures like mindmaps or site maps.
There are a lot of tools doing this. Miro does quite a good job.
Implementing a feature like this would really help to consider working with the jamboard an option.


Me too. Hope to see them in a future release. :crossed_fingers:

If you add mind mapping to Figma Jamboards I can ditch Whimsical and use Figma exclusively. Please make it happen!


Hello everyone!

Figjam is amazing and I will enjoy it a lot if we have this feature available!
Even with some templates, like Gleb share with us, I think that is not useful enough. In my opinion, I spend a precious time trying to align everything. If we had some functionality that adds ramifications automatically, like other tools we have available, would be a huge help and the process of building a mindmap would be a million times more agile, pleasurable, and efficient :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Miro is a great example!

Please, make it happen! :pray:

I’d also very much appreciate the ability to:

  • expand and collapse branches
  • link items to pages in a figma file or external link

Please :pray: add mindmap

I feel like a bunch of us want to replace Miro, Whimsical and for me even Lucid Charts. The drawings tools in Figma seem to be what brings us all together, but adding some more features to remove the need of these other tools would make my life so much happier, seem the same for others.

I know we can manual get around making some of these charts like Mindmaps, but having the mindmap workflow (which is based around quick and fluid mapping) would change it from possible to a good user experience.