Add a dropdown function for the list of pages in the project

Working on large projects, or on a large number of tasks on 1 project - we have to create a large number of pages to properly structure the work done. But since this list is sometimes quite large, it is difficult to navigate it when there are more than 15 pages, we have sewn to the proposal - to add a dropdown function. That way we can collapse those pages that we don’t need.

Who will be interested in this additionally, as well as in what cases it will be convenient:

  1. graphic designer, copywriter, UX/UI designer, analist user, and marketer work on the project, and it is important that each specialist can see all the files. Each of them only needs its own section, while other sections get in the way. This way you will be able to remove unnecessary things.
  2. The project has versioning, previously implemented versions that cannot be removed. So we will be able to hide them so they do not interfere.
  3. the project has sections to which we can not return for long months. So we can hide them not to interfere with the work, and return to them when necessary.
  4. Using templates files Figma, where all the sections are already pre-created. Pages that we will not use in the near future can be hidden.

Please vote for this idea here: Page Divider / Group pages together.

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