Action button Smart animate issue

Hello, I’m facing an issue with an action button animation. I created a button that expands and reveals the additional elements which works fine but the animation starts from the bottom and completes at the scroll position. I added the sticky scroll behavior and because of this the animation begins at the original element position and moves up and settles(this totally created a different animation). I want the button to stay in place even I scroll and click it at any scroll position. If this is hard to understand here are my file links (file) (prototype)

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Hi @tank666 , thanks for sharing the link to another post and it helped me. I changed the instance position to visible screen height, previously the instance was positioned at the bottom of the page. This ( is working fine even though the button is at the bottom of the page, will try replicating what you did.

You didn’t have to change the position of the frame with the button instance. Select “Frame 13”, move it to the bottom of your layout and change its constraint to the right and bottom.

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Yup, it works. Thanks a lot

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