Absolute positioned object with constraints not scaling with Auto Layout

The title says it all. When I scale a frame with Auto Layout and I have something with a constraint, it won’t move or scale, and just stay there.

Could you demonstrate it on a video or send a link to a file?

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Sorry for being late but this is the file.

Thanks for the link to the file.

So, I’ll start with the fact that there is no interactive components bug here, because there are no interactive components in the file.

Also, since the parent frame has a fixed width and height, and the text layer is set to hug, this is expected behavior. If you don’t want the text to go beyond the auto layout, then set it to “Fill container” instead of “Hug content”.

But the most important question is: why are you using an object with an absolute position?

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the parent frame is supposed to be a hug width and height but i forgot to change it when linking, also i couldn’t find the right spot to put it in.
the reason im using an object with an absolute position is so text stays in front, because i changed it to show off what was happening.

Could you show a screenshot of what it should look like? I still don’t understand what result you expect.

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ill show with another file using another thingy or whatever i should say. its sort of overflowing. heres a comparison of what is correct and what isn’t

Set “Hug content” for the auto layout that contains the text and “Hug content” for the text layer. Or, if your object is fixed width, then set “Fill container” for the text layer.

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i’ve done exactly that. this is the file tree thing:

maybe you could try making your own speech bubble like what im doing?

Ah, you’re using Union. Okay, look at the file:

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thank you for helping me! i never would have figured this out.

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