Ability to customize text padding within a shape in FigJam

When I create shapes in FigJam, and enter text inside of them, I would like the ability to adjust both the text padding and vertical positioning of the text, so that I can increase readability for collaborators, and polish the board’s presentation for sharing.

For my needs specifically (design thinking, mood boards, user journey maps, service blueprints, etc.):

  • Ability to increase the padding from today’s default. It looks really tight when using larger text within a shape
  • The ability to snap the text to the top or bottom of the shape, in addition to the default, which aligns it to the middle of the shape

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve moved your feature request to FigJam Feedback. We’ll pass this along to our FigJam team for consideration.

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