Ability to assign prototype device to each prototype flow for responsive designs

I often have one figma file per major product feature and then I have separate pages in that document to break the feature down into subsections - and different developers work on different subsections. For each of these subsections, I’m doing designs for web, tablet, and mobile.

Currently, to be able to have a mobile, a tablet, and a desktop prototype, I have to separate out the designs into their own pages because device frames are assigned on a per page basis. This can be really messy if I have lots of subsections of a feature because then I have to have three times as many pages. Also then the developer has to look at three separate pages rather than seeing all of the designs on one page.

It would be awesome to add the option to assign device types frames to flows themselves and not just on a whole page level. I’m sure many people would still prefer to assign device frame based on a page but if there was an advanced option to assign based on flows in addition to pages that would be amazing.

Would love that feature. +1

Another option instead of flows would be assigning a device type on a section basis now that we have sections!

The fixed device sizing is restrictive it does scaling but it looses spatial fidelity

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