Zoom without ctrl

It’s not like we are asking for a crazy feature.
Isn’t Zoom with scroll an industry standard for white boarding products?

Thanks a lit for sharing! But would you agree simply zooming in&out can achieve what you are doing a little easier and is more straightforward?

The reason I don’t like zooming while holding down a key is because I am moving around a lot.

PS & AI can work with alt key zoom is because people are pretty much always staying on one image. The demand to move is much smaller. They don’t have to jump between 30 frame to keep track of things.

we NEED this feature please


it doesn’t work. do i need to do anything else after running the script?


I just saw your post. Sorry, you’re having trouble getting it to work. Once you run the script, it should just work. I have this script set to run whenever I start Windows.

My script assumes you’ve got a recent copy of AutoHotKeys installed, are using Chrome or the Figma app, and that Figma is using a default dark color scheme (not sure you even can change that).

I just posted an updated script) that uses AutoHotKey v2 along with a zoom multiplier feature, easy way to turn the color debug tooltip on, and a quick text replacement test to see if AutoHotKey is working.

Try this:
1 - Confirm you’re running the latest version of AutoHotKeys. If in doubt, just install it again.

2 - Update your script to the latest version (copy and paste from the updated post above)

3 - Run the script. Then in notepad (or any text editor should work) type: ahktest (then a space or press enter)
That should be replaced with: Test Sucess - Autohotkeys is working

Does that help? Does the typing test work?


just wanted to give you a big thanks from the support and update, the scripts runs well, but i can’t make it to work on chrome (just in the app it works). but i take it! <3


This is a sensitive and very useful question. I have encountered these usages many times when using ipadmini and mouse. I would like to have this issue resolved.


After Adobe purchases Figma, it is to time to make it the same as adobe: Alt+scroll


Yes please we need this feature implemented.
Imagine the amount of users who will move away from Miro to use FigJam

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Specifically my team decided not to move away from Miro because of this feature. It’s an accessibility issue for some of our disabled users.


I totally agree. This is purely discriminative.

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Besides letting people turn off the keyboard key combo, I would also like there to be an option to change the key from CTRL to ALT if I want. Because switching from Photoshop (Alt + Zoom) to Figma (Ctrl + zoom) is driving me insane


At this point, I am pretty sure Adobe bought Figma just to leave it to die and kill this competitor.
Adobe doesn’t give a crap. Only thing they care about is your money. Don’t support this business!
…support better software, like Affinity


A toggle for scrolling with mouse without ctrl/cmd would be sweet. Since all I do all day long is zooming in and out of documents.


it feels like a very easy implementation and I just can’t see see a reason not to do it.

Do 99% Figma users don’t use mouse to work?

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This thread clearly shows there is a decently sizable cohort to validate implementing this feature. Not to mention, other canvas based apps reinforce this standard over and over again.

I ended up throwing in the towel and getting a better mouse (Logitech MX Master 3S) with extra, configurable dials/buttons. The vertical thumb wheel on the 3S now does the trick for me, and it’s a damn solid mouse, but it’s laughable I had to upgrade to achieve a standard interaction.


Thanks a lor for Sharing Jon.
It’s really great to know that you are able to find this workaround.

But I would still love to see the mouse wheel zoom as an optional feature in Figma and FigJam, especially FigJam.

Would guess this is the laziness with high market share. They are not listening, they don’t care and they are not interested in making changes.

Again, zooming in/out with mouse scroll feels like such a natural and reasonable thing to do.
Would like to know why this is never sparked any response from the developers/ company.

It is also one of the main reasons I sometimes even prefer windows whiteboard than FigJam. lol

That works too. CTRL zoom is just awkward.
But personal preference is mouse scroll zoom