Wrong orientation of component after swapped

I have a frame and a vector arrow pointing up inside it. I flipped the frame vertically (so it points now down) and made a component out of it. Now when I try to swap the component its direction is now switched back to the original and shows up. Why is this happening?

Workaround I found is to flatten the component, and then make a new one. The issue with this is that I lose the frame and padding around the vector, and I have to make a frame again and position the vector in the right place. The bigger issue for me is that there is not one icon, but I have 100+ icons with this problem and it will take me a few days to arrange them again.

I found another workaround and it goes like this:

  • instead of flipping the whole frame I selected the vector and flipped only the vector
  • then there is no issue

What I had to do is to “unflipp” the component back to its original orientation, select the vector, and flip only the vector.

This is clearly a bug. It doesn’t make sense at all.

And just to point out. The problematic component works normally on other occasions. It’s showing correctly in the Assets menu, it has correct orientation when put on the canvas. They get badly oriented only when I swap them.

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It’s pretty aggravating that designers are constantly having to jury-rig workarounds because Figma doesn’t QA their updates.

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