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Wrap elements in Auto Layout to multiple lines

Yes, I would love to see your tutorial. Very useful!

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@Mr.Biscuit can you share the way you do Flex Wrap. I believe many people need to know this. Thanks in advance


Please share a tutorial video on this particular hack… :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a challenge. He didn’t actually do it.

He and @andre have a working solution, but they haven’t been shared yet because the challenge is still going. :brain: :tornado:

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@Powers @Andre_Pinto @Design_Aviyel @Rebecca @Stefania
Here is the original file to my Flex Wrap Challenge (as shown this video)

I have tried for the last two weeks to make a tutorial for it but two of the crucial mechanisms just refuse to be reproduced (only works on direct copy) :rofl: so yeah, that’s how hard that challenge was.

I guess I did cast some magic spell on it the first time it’s made.


Auto layout is a very useful feature, and I like to use it very much. However, it is still not convenient and smart enough, because it lacks the automatic line wrapping function, just like text, the content exceeds the range and can automatically wrap.


I think you nailed how it should work. Now we just need Figma to implement it as a simple option in the sidebar.



Would love this wrapping feature as well :pray:t3:

You have no idea how much time this feature would save my team. +10000

Don’t forget to vote. This is #2 with vote count so far under to RTL text flow.

Flex wrap would be very nice. +1

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This is some crazy wizardry. I thought I was pretty advanced with Figma, but I have absolutely no idea how this works. Super impressed, even if there’s almost no chance I can use it in my production files.

I also requested this. Here’s an example of how this feature could be implemented:


I would love to see a full flex-layout implementation, including the ability to set grow, shrink and flex-basis values.


+1 for this to be implemented


Adobe XD has something with a similar behaviour called Repeat Grid, which can be vertical and horizontal at the same time. If the Repeat Grid could be combined with Auto-Layout that would be amazing.

Repeat grid is a completely different behavior that what is specified here.

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I believe that the official implementation of the UX of this plugin will solve everything.

Reproducing it with a hack is not realistic because there is a risk that some update will disintegrate the figma files.
I don’t understand why they defined the master component as a variants element, not only for the way Autolayout is implemented, but also for the variants feature.
It is reasonable to define the instance as a variants element and configure it with overrides