Workflow for components management

Hi Figma community,

I searched the topic but I couldn’t really find what I’m looking for. Let me know if I have overlooked something.

As many others I come from sketch. I was a bit surprised how components are stored in Figma. You create them and they simply stay where you created them. In sketch you had a separate master component page. For Figma I read many times that its also good to have all the master components on one page or in one library file. There is even a plugin which does that. At the same time I thought that Figma surely had some thoughts to not automatically move the master components to a separate page. But I find it gets a bit messy without separate page. Or maybe I’m not using it the right way.

So how is your workflow to keep the components in a good structure? Do you create components and then you always move them to a separate page? Or do you just leave them where they are? In this case how do you keep the overview? How do you not delete screens you don’t need anymore but which have master components on it? That was a problem for me for example.

For my current project I don’t need a library file. I can just keep everything in one file.

Thanks for your help!