Workaround for Interactive Components Beta check box not available in your file

I was excited to be added to the Beta today, but when I went to take it for a spin I wasn’t able to see the “Enable interactive components” check box. I tried restarting the app, and even downloading the full Figma Beta. I also tried creating a New design file now that I was in the "cool kids club: Nothing seemed to work.

Here was the fix I found to work for me:

  1. I went ahead and created a quick rectangle hover Interactive Component in the Playground file…and tested to see that it previewed as expected.
  2. I then Copy/Pasted that Interactive Component element into an existing Design File…and BAM, now the Beta check box shows up in that file!

No idea if this is the right work-around, but the issue isn’t a conflict between the email for your active Figma account and the email the Beta was assigned to…this might be the ticket to getting access to this great feature.

Now I am just waiting for real for fields for all my Enterprise Business users to click into. #dreaming

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