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Windows pinch zoom on figma is too fast (HDPI drivers)

Try pinch zooming in a Figma with a windows laptop with the usual Hi DPI drivers.

It zooms in a crazy amount; and out a crazy amount. The only way I can zoom on windows laptop is ctrl + scroll, but this is cumbersome.


Pls fix. This doesn’t happen in any other windows application I have


Have the exact same issue here. It’s making Figma very difficult to use.

Agree, this makes viewport navigation on a laptop very clunky

Yeah, I have exactly the same problem. Why is this so hard to fix? This has been persisting for months now and nothing has changed! And this problem does not occur on Mac OS, so why is it not possible for Windows? This really makes the user experience of Figma so much worse.

Hi, I’m having problem with the pinch to zoom in/out gesture.

I’ve just built my pc and installing windows 10. Since the trackpad is so helpful when I’m using my macbook pro, I’ve decided to use Apple Magic Trackpad on my windows 10. I’ve installed the driver called ‘mac-precision-touchpad’, most of the gesture works just fine except the pinch to zoom. It’s so bouncy and the sensitivity extremely high. I’ve already play around with the touchpad settings but nothing works. So I wonder if there’s anyone here has the same situation with me and already solved the problem?


so from March there are still no follow up about this?

Yeah I have EXACLTY the same problem! I have a windows PC and bought the Apple Magic Trackpad specifically for doing design work on my computer. On all other prototyping software I’ve used (such as Framer, ProtoPie and Quant-UX) the trackpad works perfectly when using pinch to zoom! Figma is the only one that has a problem with pinch to zoom!

I have the same issue as well and it’s ruining my figma experience. When I pinch to zoom, it does it so fast with about 1000% it also affects my presentations to stakeholders and now I’ve told most of my clients that adobe xd is a better experience and alternative moving forward. I don’t know why figma can’t fix something this simple but really problematic for designers on windows pc using the trackpad instead of mouse.

I guess because number of people like us who use Windows and Magic Trackpad really less. One of the cons for being minority :cry: