Why would on-delay interaction only work on restart?

I have interactive components that I want to run after I load a page, so I put “on delay” on them. After 3000ms, 5000, whatever. Most of my interactive components are some form of this - after 100ms change to this variant, after 150ms change to some other variant, etc, and that’s how I make a ball bounce or whatever. Normal stuff.

And too many times I’ve found these to be inconsistent: they simply don’t go off. The on-delay never happens …that is, until I hit “restart” on the prototype, and then they’re fine.

What am I doing wrong with my interactive components that the initial on-delay doesn’t work when I open the prototype, but it does work when I hit R and restart the prototype?

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Bumping this just once on the chance that someone knows what’s up.

I can’t rely on the on-delay interaction (at 2000ms change this variant to that variant, etc), too often it doesn’t fire until I restart the prototype. Why?

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