Why do many shortcuts take so long to implement?

To begin with, I want to clarify, that I love Figma, it is literally the tool for web designers… sorry for the other aps, but Figma is, by its philosophy and its disposition, it is like that… so we have to collaborate to improve it as much as possible. The work that you team have done… pufff… is BRUTAL, you have really created something beautiful.


Well, as designers, or programmers we like Figma:heart:…we really love it…
It’s a beautiful tool. Why else would we spend time learning it and come to want more sophisticated and efficient workflows to be developed?
This only happens when you have exhausted all the known methods that the program itself offers you to do what you can do…

What I mean by this?
In summary: the main question is clearly in the title of this topic…
But really…
Why is it taking so long?
Is there anything we as developers can do about this?
Should we stop insisting on wanting specific shortcuts that will never be implemented because it is not the idea and that’s it?
Or perhaps they are so busy with other priority issues that developing these shortcuts becomes a minor task.

what is the reality of the matter?

As a Figma user and developer, I really wonder this…

Because in computer terms; although it is not simple to implement shortcuts, it is not the most complex task, and on the other hand, there are still keys available for shortcuts, so what is the reason?

Now if you ask me why we want these shortcuts so much: the truth is that when you have learned ALL Figma, you have no choice but to optimize your flow, learning faster, more efficient and more entertaining ways to do what you do…
especially in these times where time is precious and AI is slowly catching up with us.

It’s not a complaint against my dearest AI or anything, I’m just stating the reality…

Shortcuts fully desired:

  • Shortcut for add variants to a component
  • shortcut for create multiple components
  • shortcut for create components sets
  • shortcut for add stroke
  • shortcut for add fill.

and the most complex of all but no less beloved:

  • Shortcut or add new local styles & variables:

it can be Depending on a next command; it means a shortcut that allows you to add to the library either: grid, color,effect, or text, depending if after the shorcut you press: G,C,E,T for example… it could be one of the many solutions…

They are not that many… but I swear that with these simple shortcuts, our flow would be greatly enhanced…

Just think about how many times we create components, variants, sets and add strokes and fills… in other words, they are practically the most fundamental parts of every element designed in Figma.

Possible solutions:

as you set the opacity by selecting an element and pressing numbers from 0 to 100, (for shure: BEAUTIFUL METHOD is simply super practical, intuitive and useful.)
you could create a shortcut to add a stroke and then press numbers from 0 to 100, using this same system to set opacity but to define the width of this stroke: (it is not usual to set strokes of more than 100 width I guess ._. )

finally you press enter to confirm or esc for cancel.

If no specific thickness is provided, simply add the same generic stroke that would be added when you click the + key to add stroke.

regarding the fill, you could make a shortcut to add the fill and then type the RGB code with its prefix # beforehand, and then press enter.

HOPEFULLY, that this post is heard by the universal gods of design and they really implement this, because I really believe that my happiness and that of many people would increase by 34.42% which is a lot if you are already a moderately happy person. Thanks for the time to the people who have taken the trouble to read this, there was no other way to raise the situation but this…

I LOVE FIGMA :heart: REALLY THANKS… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for Figma and for sharing your idea! That would indeed be a great feature. Would it be alright if we merge your post into this existing feature request Customizable shortcuts?

If you agree, I’ll go ahead and do that. Also, feel free to upvote the existing topic!