While Hover Interaction Not Showing in Present Mode


I was following a tutorial that required me to add a while hover interaction over text in the navigation bar. It should be the case that when I place my mouse over the words the underline appears and is grey. However, when I hover my mouse of the text nothing happens.

My work in present mode.

Home Page

It supposed to look like this:

Hello you have to give the interaction into the component inside of the variant, add
Connect the Default state with the Active state with the interaction “While Hovering” +smart animation, and the connect Active state with the Default state with the interaction “Mouse leave” + smart animation.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to upload a vid showing the issue because I’m a new user, but sadly I am still unable to see the hover effect.

This was the change I made:

I found the problem! Somehow, my desktop layer was within a group layer which was preventing the interaction from happening.

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