Wacom and Xencelabs tablet experiencing issues

Me and many other tablet owners:
Issues from 1) erratic scrolling and panning (specially Wacom) to
2) Control+Click (aka tap) functionality not executing or executing perpetually until we slam the Escape key.

From an earlier thread, we all have cleared any conflicting plugins of other tablets and loaded the most recent installs… of course, including a computer restart.

What devices:
This is being reported for both Mac and pc, chrome and Figma app.

My issue:
Personally, my issue is the Xenselabs tablet vs Figma now the control+click malfunctioning, sticking or not displaying a menu at all. I had ditched Wacom due to the erratic scrolling, panning uncontrollably.

Any fixes?

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Damn this sucks. I wanted to try Xencelabs since the XP-Pen Deco works very bad with Figma, it has a huge amount of momentum each time you want to pan with space + drag and make the tablet unusable with Figma. It work great with other apps so this must be a Figma thing.