Variables: While changing collection, navigation on groups wont work properly

Hey there, I was exploring variables and I ran into something that seemed strange.

I made a collection like this:


  • Grp-1:
    List item
    → nested-grp-1:
    —>some variables


  • some variables.

and then I made a new collection (lets call it Col-2). As I was editing variables inside “nested-grp-1” I decided to navigate to the Col-2. and I had some Variables inside Col-2. but I saw an empty list inside. here is an image:


It took me a while to understand that the UI was trying to show me the same group inside Col-2 (which does not exist, so it shows empty) and I had to select “All variables” to see my actual variables inside Col-2.

It would be better if our collections seemed different and we decided to change our collection, the panel automatically change the filter to “All variables”…

Not a big deal but it’s a little annoying that I have to click twice every time that I’m changing my collections.


If you found this a problem, don’t just like, vote this too, please :confused:

Hey @Armin_Rouhanian - love the feedback. We’re still trying to work out the kinks of variables and how we can improve the feature. Thanks for taking the time to hash out the details :grin:

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