Variables for stroke width?

Really excited about the new variables, but I noticed that they’re not available yet for stroke width. Is that something that will be coming later?



It seems like Figma just forgot to make support for variables for the stroke width field.


Up-voting this idea.
Variables are absolutely a great add to Figma. But, not having variables for strokes seems like a missing piece.

Hope @Figma_Support consider this for future releases.

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Hey there. This is already under development, read this article:

Coming soon
While variables is evolving and growing, we want to help you plan ahead. Here’s what we’re working on.

  1. Support for additional variable types
  • Image variable type: Image variables will allow images to dynamically switch between modes, such as logo switching or product image switching for prototyping. They will be applicable anywhere you can apply image fills.
  • Typography variable type: We’re exploring how we want to support typography variables. We want to provide a way to switch between combinations of typography properties, like font families, sizes, spacing.
  1. Support for additional properties
  • Additional property fields: Soon, you’ll be able to apply variables to stroke width, effect colors, layer opacities, and more.
  • Additional component property types: Currently, you can only assign variables to variant properties. We’re working to support additional component property types.

While you wait for stroke variables you could use this :stuck_out_tongue:

Also wanting stroke width to be set to a variable

+1, we need apply variable on stroke width too!!

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We are starting to use variables to update our design system. It is really useful in terms of spacing or rounded corners but is not possible to apply for borders.

I wanted to share with you this though and kindly ask if can be possible release it.