Using conditional prototyping to affect multiple switches

Hi all,
I’ve created a design with 4 switches and a master toggle on/off. If the user taps the master toggle, all the 4 switches should toggle between on and off.
I’m trying to use conditionals, variables and modes. But somehow it’s not working. Below is a screenshot of the prototyping panel. (I can’t seem to attach anymore screenshots)

Here’s what I did:

  1. Created boolean variable “switch”
  2. Created 4 modes corresponding to the 4 switches: Opt A, Opt B, Opt C, Opt D
  3. Assigned each of the 4 switch layers to the corresponding variable and modes
  4. Tried to create a conditional where if I click on the “All Off” button all the switches turn off.
    However when creating the conditional I’m not able to assign a mode to the variable under the “if” statement.


Select mode definitions in prototype actions

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